Through CEPS WeB – Centre of Excellence on Policymaking Systems in the Western Balkans, TEN promoted the use of research as a basis for policy and decision making in the Western Balkans by providing evidence-based and high-quality contributions to advance the existing policy processes.

Policymaking in the Western Balkans is characterised by weak and unsystematic involvement of the CSOs, which is a consequence both of unfavourable legal and institutional framework in these countries and the lack of awareness and capacities by the CSOs to take part in this process. As a result, the quality of enacted legislation is bad and its enforcement weak.

The described state of play points to the necessity for greater engagement of CSOs across the region in holding their governments accountable and advocating for more evidence-based policymaking. It also reveals an urgent need to empower the civil society sector to take a more substantive part in the policymaking reforms and processes.

The mission of the CEPS WeB is to promote the use of research as a basis for policy and decision making in the Western Balkans by providing evidence-based and high quality contributions to advance the existing policy processes.

In fulfilling its mission, the CEPS WeB built sustainable partnerships between its members and with key stakeholders at the national, regional, and EU level. Building on its comparative regional research, the CEPS WeB supported regional policy dialogue focusing on best case practices and fostering healthy competition between these six countries.

CEPS WeB long-term objective was to develop into an independent centre for excellence with a wide network of regional and international experts and own operational structures.

By 2025, the CEPS WeB envisions to be the leading independent regional centre that provides cutting edge research on policymaking.

The members of the CEPS WeB set out to form a vibrant network of researchers recognised for their expertise and to successfully advocate their ideas and findings to key national, regional, and EU stakeholders. The CEPS WeB strove to create established strong track record as a corrective factor of the existing policymaking practices in the region.

The CEPS WeB builds upon the previous track record of close cooperation between the TEN member organisations. It intends to serve as an additional boost to the other joint initiatives under TEN, by providing a pool of expertise and support to the more structured efforts and ongoing projects of organisations involved.

At the public event held in November 2016 CEPS WeB position paper was presented and disseminated among the relevant stakeholders:
Policymaking in the Western Balkans: Creating Demand for Evidence Beyond EU Conditionality

CEPS WeB was established within the project financed under the framework of the Regional Research Promotion Programme (RRPP). The programme is fully funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).